Adelaide Waterproofing provides and applies waterproofing to new structures and for the repair and protection of existing facilities. Examples include:

  • Water Tanks
  • Pools
  • Garden ponds
  • Water Storage Ponds
  • Roofs
  • Gutters
  • Decks and Verandahs
  • Floors

Traffic areas can be made non-slip for safety as required

Industrial Coatings

Adelaide Waterproofing provides and applies coatings for new and existing facilities and some of the areas include:

  • Pond and Bund linings – a range of chemically resistant linings are available for most applications
  • Tank coatings – coatings to protect or repair tanks from corrosion and abrasion are available
  • Pipe and pipeline coatings and linings – for corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Marine – Above the water line and below, for sound attenuation, hull protection and fish hold and bilge liners
  • Sewer linings – Manholes, pits, tanks and piping
  • Railcar lining – to reduce abrasion and product holdup
  • Rail Track containment – waterproofing and high strength coatings for steel and concrete supported rail lines
  • Truck and Ute bed liners – to protect against abrasion, corrosion and impact damage
  • Spray applied insulating foam – self adhesive for ease of application on horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Flooring – sealed, hygienic, non slip, high visibility if required

Adelaide Waterproofing is an accredited applicator for Rhino Linings and uses Rhino products with confidence knowing that the products are made and manufactured in Australia and full technical support is available locally. Rhino Linings supply premium polyurea, polyurethane and epoxy products to over 75 countries around the world. Rhino Linings manufacture their product in Australia so it is not stored for long periods, because of this we have found its activity and performance to be more reliable than imported products. More information on Rhino Linings and their products is available on the website

Roof Repairs

Adelaide Waterproofing repairs and restores all types of industrial, commercial, domestic roofs and box gutters. We successfully repair iron, terracotta and cement roofs.
Leak location is a specialty and we repair using original materials or advanced UV resistant coatings.
Restorations include replacement of damaged roofing, thorough cleaning and inspection, repairs and coating including rust inhibitors or fungicides as required.


Terracotta and Cement Roof

Restorations for tiled roofs include the following processes:

  • Change broken and leaking tiles
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Inspection of valleys, flues and flashings
  • Ridge capping repairs
  • Four coat colour system
  • Anti-fungicide, sealer, and two top coats of roof coating

Terracotta and Cement Roof

Restoration for Iron roofs include:

  • Pressure clean
  • Inspection of valleys, flues and flashings
  • Re-teking or nailing where necessary
  • Rust inhibitor where required
  • Two top coats of roof coating

Surface Preparation

In order to deliver a long lasting quality outcome it is critical for the surface to be treated and the substrate to be properly prepared for coating. Adelaide Waterproofing prides itself on ensuring its surface preparation and pre-treatment is of the highest standard and supports its drive for customer satisfaction. The preparation of each project varies but can include:

  • Cleaning
  • Paint Stripping
  • Water Blasting
  • Grit Blasting
  • Repairs
  • Surface pre-treatment and sealing